About Patternography

Photo of Patternography founder, Jenny Rasmussen. White woman with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a blue striped button down shirt.
Jenny Rasmussen, founder and developer

Patternography is a portmanteau of (sewing) pattern and bibliography, the list of sources an author uses in their writing, a library of what they've read to do their work. Patternography is a library of sources you use to do your projects!

Patternography was conceived by Jenny Rasmussen when she was struggling to organize all of her sewing patterns, and dealing with the frustration of trying to find a paper pattern so she could find the requirements before heading to the store or shopping online.

A web developer by day, Jenny felt she could make it easier to keep track of the patterns she owned, and started brainstorming. As she joined more pattern groups and fabric groups on Facebook, she saw many people asking for the same thing. Armed with the knowledge that people needed help with their patterns as much as she did, she set out to create Patternography.

A labor of love, and with breaks to sew, Patternography became a reality. You can find Jenny on Patternography's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or suggestions please Contact Us, or check out our public Trello Board to see what development is on deck.