Welcome to Patternography!

by: Jenny R.

Hello, and welcome to Patternography! I pondered a bit about what I should write in the first blog post after publishing this site, and I finally decided that I should introduce myself, talk a bit about what inspired me to start this website, and what I have planned for this site now that I have launched the minimum viable product to the world.

First, who am I? My name is Jenny Rasmussen and I'm a hobby sewist and a full time PHP developer. I'm from Michigan, born and raised, where I live with my husband, bonus daughter, and doggo. I have sewn on and off most of my life, having started learning from my Mom, but never having the patience. In the last few years I've somehow found the patience it takes to sew, and have learned to walk away from a project and come back to it. I sew mostly clothes for myself and my bonus daughter, though occasionally for my husband and other family members. The biggest project I've taken on was sewing my own wedding dress for our wedding last summer!

In the last few years, my sewing pattern collection has grown extensively. From the big four, to indie designers, to PDF pattern companies, I have tons of patterns! I really have struggled with knowing whether or not I owned this pattern or that pattern. This issue mainly bothered me when I was trying to determine if I owned a hard copy of a big 4 pattern. I wanted a way to keep track of my patterns easily, thus, the idea for Patternography was born!

Patternography as it stands right this moment is a simple website. A blog, and the ability to sign in, add the patterns you own to your 'library', and search your patterns once they are in the system. This information is completely private. No one but you can see your patterns!

Patternography in the future will still be a website, but I have plans for many bells and whistles, including an app. The first two major features will be adding the ability to bulk upload multiple patterns at once via spreadsheet, for which a template will be provided. The second will be being able to search the blog, your patterns, and the site in a single search box, in addition to the individual searches for the blog and your patterns. You can see the full list of planned features in a Trello board here.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do working on it, and using it!